• We did it!

    YSP has distributed hundreds of bedding items to displaced Ukrainian families in the GTA thanks to your help! A huge thank you to our partners, WFWP and UCMAO who spearheaded this project with us from beginning to end. Huge shout-outs to our generous donors, namely Casper who made our final giveaway possible. Finally, YSP offers gratitude to the many volunteers and organizations who gave either time or discounts in order to help our project be as successful as it was. It was truly a pleasure working with all of you.


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  • Preparing Care Packages for displaced Ukrainian families coming into Canada

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    Yulia Tarasova


    Born in Ukraine, Yulia now lives in Canada with her husband and three children.

    Message from our leading organizer

    Last February, Russia launched an invasion on Ukraine, destroying villages and large cities in the process. As a result, many have been forced to leave their homes on a short notice, embarking on long and unpredictable journeys towards safety. An estimated 4 million refugees have fled Ukraine since February 24th. Thousands of these refugees have made their way to Canada, with thousands more expected in the coming weeks and months. Most of them are coming with little to no money, personal belongings, or even contacts.


    In response to this crisis, YSP is collaborating with the Women’s Federation for World Peace- Canada, a NGO with General Consultative Status at the UN which has provided services in Ukraine to internally displaced families since 2014. We are also partnering with the Ukrainian Canadian Medical Association of Ontario Foundation to aid Ukrainians who are being displaced by this conflict. We are aiming to put together 1000 welcome packages for arriving Ukrainians. These packages will contain basic supplies such as shampoo, toothbrushes, menstrual products, and grocery store gift cards.

  • Objective reached!

    YSP is happy to announce that it has reached its goal of serving 1000 Ukrainian refugees!!

    YSP thanks all its donors and volunteers who made this possible!





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    Thoughtful and essential

    Designed to provide the basic necessities specific to the needs of Ukrainian displaced families, take a look inside our care packages! Currently, items are being stored and packed at the Ukrainian Canadian Medical Association of Ontario Foundation building in Mississauga, ON.

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    Universal Peace Federation

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    Women's Federation for World Peace

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    Ukrainian Canadian Medical Association of Ontario Foundation

  • For any inquiries specific to our Care Package program for the displaced Ukrainian families coming into Canada, please reach out to the email below!


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    Thank you for your support!