• Youth and Students for Peace

    We call on young people to become Champions of Peace

  • About Us

    We let our work define who we are.


    YSP Canada is a chapter of the greater umbrella organization IAYSP (International Association for Youth and Students for Peace) which has active chapters in 49 countries around the world and counting.


    Youth and Students for Peace in Canada works under the Universal Peace Federation banner as its official youth arm since 2020. YSP has charitable status

    Vision & Mission

    Our mission is to advance world peace by empowering youth and students to become global citizens through character education and peace projects supporting the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDG's)


    Members of YSP envision a global family of young people building a world of peace with true love


    YSP's four core values are:







    These serve as our moral compass in our RISE to action

  • What sets YSP apart from the rest?


    Hyo Jeong. 

    Hyo what!? Hyo Jeong is a Korean-derived term that means Heart of Filial Piety. Learn more on our "What's Hyo Jeong?" page.







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    Words from Dr. Sun Jin Moon

    Spokesperson (Bangkok, Thailand)

    "Governments alone cannot achieve the SDGs. It requires a wide range of partnerships among governments, civil society, the private sector, faith-based organizations, and individual citizens.


    [the founders] have taught that peace is a term that describes the quality of relationships such that they are characterized by harmony, cooperation, respect and love. Ultimate, peace is the ideal of achieving a world where all people throughout the world live together as brothers and sisters, like a harmonious family".

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