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1st Annual S!NERGY Competition hosted virtually

A triumphant success for YSP's first Canada-Wide event

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The first S!NERGY event in Canada took place over Zoom on December 5, 2020 which saw around 60 audience members tuning in to the contest that began with three presentations and the judges’ comments before voting began. The word synergy involves the interaction of multiple actors producing a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects and that is what happened with the presentations given and the discussions that followed from the judges as well as the audience members.


The presentations included Rafaela Diaz-Byers and Tabitha Wilson from Arrêter ExploitationHub (Montreal Initiative), Mariam Ali, Sana Agarwal and Tad Wu from Through Their Eyes (McGill University Club), and Sasha Tarasova from UniteIntoOne (Interfaith Initiative in Toronto).


The panel of judges involved Joanne Viau – a social worker in Montreal, Dr. Franco Famularo – President of UPF-Canada and Hon. Emmanuella Lambropoulos – MP for St-Laurent, Montreal.


Arrêter ExploitationHub won the first place ($400), Through Their Eyes placed second ($300) and UniteIntoOne followed in on third ($200).


We thank you for joining and hope to see you next year!


The playback of the event can be viewed here: