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Canadian Teams bring home big prizes!

· Regional

On January 16, 2021, IAYSP USA hosted its bi-annual S!NERGY competition. Young adults from Canada and the USA presented their projects and ideas in the hopes of getting the chance to represent North America on the International level! 4 teams went head to head and the 2 Canadian teams finished First and Fourth.

Rafaela Diaz-Byers and Tabitha Wilson with their project Arreter ExploitationHub got the ultimate prize of $1000USD and was selected to represent North America on March 18 for the International S!NERGY contest. The event is expected to gather 7 teams from across the globe and to gather much media attention worldwide. YSP Canada wishes much success to Rafaela and Tabitha on their journey ahead.

Finishing on the other end of the spectrum, and coming home with a not to shabby $250USD, Mariam Ali, Sana Agarwal and Tad Wu from McGill University's Through Their Eyes (TTE) club program presented wonderfully and gained much praise from the panel of S!NERGY judges. YSP Canada is proud to have TTE represent the country.

YSP Canada is looking forward to seeing applications for the next S!NERGY competition to be held in May 2021. All information about the prior S!NERGY winners and future applicants can be found on the YSP Canada Website.