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Canadian Team wins 2nd place at regional S!NERGY competition in US

Congrats to Syrup Project!

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On July 25th, 2020, Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) in America hosted a virtual S!NERGY Competition gathering 4 teams from the US and Canada. With the theme "Healing America", Syrup Project, an entirely Canadian represented Youtube Channel, shared unabashedly how their work contributed towards healing not only America but the World.

Syrup Project hosts Livestreams on Saturday afternoon and gathers the interest of up to hundred participants every time. The Syrup Squad, as the fans call themselves, love to listen to the soothing voice of MC Jun Kim as he interviews guests from around the world. The livestream also highlights video submissions from viewers which relate to weekly themes as decided by the team at Syrup Project.

The founder, Alex Delisle, gave the 8 min presentation and shared how the channel helps people connect despite the physical distancing measures of the pandemic. The Youtube Channel linked their project and efforts to battling SDG number 3 "Good health and Well-being" as it claimed to help reduce mental health illnesses by providing light-hearted and fun content. The channel explained how an essential role it is for their viewers, majority in their teens, to receive quality content in their prime development stage.

YSP Canada thanks the effort of the Syrup Project staff for their wonderful representation at the regional level S!NERGY competition, and the Syrup Squad for its support. Both have paved the way for future Canadian S!NERGY contestants to bring home the ultimate prize.

Shout out to the entire team, Alex Delisle, Josh Fontaine, Shim Gicole, Marilyn Tshikani, Jacob Tshikani, Jun Kim, Francois Lacroix, Josh Cunningham, Angela Fontaine, Leo Paghubasan and Monica Halenko.

Syrup Project is always looking for participation and can be connected via email at [email protected], and can be found on Instagram, Facebook and of course Youtube.