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Ukraine Welcome Project Second Bedding Distribution

To support the thousands of Ukrainian refugees settling in Canada, Youth & Students for Peace Canada and Women’s Federation for World Peace Canada distributed more bedding at another location in Ontario. After an overwhelming turnout during the first event and demand from families who recently arrived, a second event took place on August 6 at St. Volodymyr Cultural Centre in Oakville. Over 800 pillows and 100 blankets were distributed which were donated by Casper, an e-commerce company focusing on sleep products. 45 volunteers, many of whom came from nearby communities as well as high schools, worked to assist 200 families in picking up their bedding needs. An ice cream truck provided free ice cream to all those who came, which delighted many who came on what turned out to be a very hot summer’s day. Volunteers enjoyed the opportunity to give back, practicing living for the sake of others, and treasured the gratitude they received from the newcomers.

In total, 40 pallets of bedding products containing hundreds of pillows, blankets, and all sorts of sheets, were distributed to over 350 families. Weighted blankets were handed to many that requested them for their anxiety-relieving properties that will hopefully help those suffering from PTSD. Since April, the Ukraine Welcome Project in Toronto has supported another 1000 individuals with care packages that included food, hygiene items, clothing, household items, and toys.

This project is indebted to a number of organizations which joined forces for the initiative and contributed enormously to its success including Women’s Federation for World Peace Canada, the Ukrainian Canadian Medical Association of Ontario Foundation, and of course St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral. The issuance of charitable tax receipts was facilitated by the Universal Peace Federation of Canada. We thank all the organizations and businesses for their support as well as all the volunteers for their effort in supporting this endeavor. A special thank you goes to Casper for their generous donation, the quantity and quality of which exceeded everyone’s expectations. This project would not have been possible without community-minded people that dedicated their time and support this summer toward helping ease the hardships of the Ukrainian newcomers and their transition here in Ontario.



A huge thank you again to our friends at Casper for making all this possible! Sending lots of love and appreciation for your incredible donation.



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