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Distributing Bedding to Ukrainian Refugees

Casper's donation comforts hundreds of displaced Ukrainian families in GTA 

On July 10, YSP as well as Women’s Federation for World Peace Canada with the support of the Ukrainian Canadian Medical Association of Ontario Foundation held the first of two events that distributed 16 pallets containing more than 500 pillows, 150 blankets, and 120 sheets as well as hygiene items such as shampoo, toothpaste, wet wipes, and diapers to over 500 refugees. Distribution took place at a Ukrainian Catholic church in downtown Toronto. 75 weighted blankets were also handed out as the pressure provided from the blankets has been shown to ease anxiety and PTSD which many refugees have been exposed to while fleeing war-torn areas in Ukraine. All the bedding was generously donated by Casper, an e-commerce sleep product company. More than 25 volunteers, including students from surrounding high schools, as well as Ukrainian refugees themselves worked to carry out this distribution event successfully.

We are grateful for the support of all the volunteers who spent hours in the days leading up to the event to help unload the delivery truck, organize the bedding, and assist refugees! We also appreciate Casper Sleep for their donation. Given an outpouring of support we received and calls for further help, work will continue to distribute additional pallets of bedding in August!


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