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Peace Road events in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver

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The Peace Road Initiative took Canada by storm this year with three Peace Road events taking place on the same day, Sunday, September 19. Communities in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver gathered at their local parks to hear speakers on the significance of Peace Road and to symbolically support the Initiative that was commemorated around the world. The timing worked well as local gathering restrictions were eased before which a number of communities were unable to convene in large numbers. Toronto saw a turnout of over 100 guests while both Montreal and Vancouver gathered in groups of up to 50 each.  

The Montreal community met with their bicycles to cycle their route that spanned around 9 km. In Vancouver, families gathered for a picnic and a peace walk. Toronto saw several guest speakers including Honourable Member of Provincial Parliament Kaleed Rasheed, Secretary of Senior Tamils Society of Peel Nadarajah Moorthy, and Guinness World Record Holder Suresh Joachim. The following is a quote that was emphasized during a speech from Dr. Moonshik Kim, Chair of Universal Peace Federation Canada: “The vision of the Peace Road Initiative goes beyond the materialistic desire for the economic and political benefits of an international road, and champions the spiritual dimension, which aims to tear down the walls that have historically divided us – racism and cultural differences, prejudice and fear – and bring humankind together as one family under God.”