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Inauguration of YSP Canada at a Youth Winter Workshop

The cold could not stop these kids!

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At the end of December 2018, the YSP USA team went to Montreal, Canada during the canadian Winter Workshop. The Peace Designer presentation was held on December 28 with a total of 39 youth and staff participating. This was a full day seminar that taught service project planning for youth and young adults. Participants learned a different perspective on how sustainable peace can be created and identify personal strengths and passions that can be used to help address issues that are present in their community. One young adult mentioned that they “enjoyed the hands-on experience and doing a step-by-step process to really understand how to become a peace designer.” A certificate of completion was given to all of those who completed the course.

The Canada YSP Launch was held afterwards and three young adults were selected as local YSP Coordinators. John Koester and Joshua Fontaine were appointed for the Toronto community, Charles Cusson for the Montreal community, and Chantale Viau was asked to become the parental advisor for the local Montreal YSP group.